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Robot coloring pages are an amazing opportunity to develop your own fantasy about the exciting future. Earlier science-fiction slowly becomes our reality. Electronic aids are already everywhere. Some of them are full-automatic and help us every day. For example, vacuum robots help us to clean our floors while we are taking time for the more important things in life. But what does our future look like? Will robots always be friendly and helpful? Or will they develop their own will by time?

Robot Coloring Pages In Different Depictions

The classic depiction is the robot as an angled machine. The friend made out of metal is only able to execute simple movements. But today science is already much further. At least robots can already look like humans. Jumping robots, grabbing functions, and the ability to unravel a mystery are just a few of the skills. Each robot coloring page has a different appearance. Every robot seems to have its own character. In this category, you are going to find evil robots but also the friendly and helpful ones.

Which colors do I need?

There is no true or wrong. Quite the contrary, you shouldn’t think too much about colors. For a truly realistic metallic look glossy gold- and silver pencils are ideal. But also watercolors are an amazing choice. Many diversified coloring fields are a great opportunity for a variety of color combinations. And now just choose your favorite robot out of our coloring pages collection. Have fun & relax while coloring your lovely robot!