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Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages can be a relaxing activity. Especially kids have often their first coloring experience with such printables. This can be the first step to learn to use creativity. We offer a huge variety of printable coloring pages. The theme, the type of depiction and complexity may vary. Therefore everyone finds the perfect sheet for his kid. Search easily our categories for the perfect print.

Which coloring page should I choose?

Choice for kids

We have to admit that kids often react another way than expected. Every kid is an individual and likes different things. Ideally, you choose the right coloring page together with your kid. Isn’t it possible? No worries. Just think about their interests. Does the small boy always look after nice sports cars? Then the vehicle category might be a good choice. Does your daughter always watch unicorn cartoons? Then let’s go to the fairytale category! And don’t forget: What you like, mustn’t like your kid. Just in case, you should download more than just one coloring page.

Choice for adults

Adults have another idea about coloring. But there is no clear separation between kids’ coloring pages and adult coloring pages. But there is a certain image of how a coloring page should look like. For example, adults download more realistic depictions. That doesn’t mean that a simple outline of an animal isn’t also popular. Especially large free spaces are a perfect possibility to train creativity.

How do I color coloring pages?

Especially advanced kids and adults tend to label coloring pages as a boring activity. But there are a lot of exciting possibilities. You can try to combine different colors and watch the interplay. You can use watercolors, colored pencils or markers. Especially shadows can be more difficult. Try to add shadows to our coloring pages and you will be better at drawing. It is fascinating how realistic coloring pages can look after a decent shading.

Are your coloring pages free?

Most of the coloring pages are free. But no worries. You are going to notice if a coloring page is free or not. Every coloring page which has no price on its website can be downloaded completely free. Have fun coloring!