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Unicorn Coloring Pages: Cute Variety of unique printable coloring pages

Huge sweet eyes, fluffy fur, and a peaceful appearance make unicorn coloring pages perfect. Grab your colored pencils or go get some water for your watercolors. Especially pink and blue are perfect for your personal piece of art. Choose your favorite one out of a huge variety. Simply click on your chosen one. Have fun coloring!

Classic printable unicorn coloring pages: How should unicorns look like?

A unicorn’s body is similar to a horse’s body. But there is obviously the horn! In middle age, the first depictions of the fantasy animal appeared. Today there are a lot of personal ideas of how a unicorn should look like. There is, for example, the cartoon, or a more realistic one. In this category, everyone finds their favorite printable unicorn coloring page. Do not limit yourself to the choice of colors. But especially blue and pink are a popular choice. These colors give the coloring page a cute look.

Do unicorns exist?

There are people saying that they saw unicorns in the forest. If you want to believe it or not, is your choice. One thing stays true: The mythical creature is perfect for coloring. Some people speculate that the unicorns which were saw had genetic damages. Therefore it could be that the people saw just dears with one horn in the middle of their head. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Do unicorns have wings?

The classic depiction of the unicorn doesn’t have wings. The depiction of the flying unicorn in our coloring page comes from the saying of Pegasus. This is also another classic mythical creature. Pegasus is a part of Greek mythology and has normally no horn. But of course, our fantasy is unlimited. Therefore the mythical creature develops over time.