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Pirates coloring pages are our way to share our fascination with sea travel and the legends. In this coloring pages category, you will what you are looking for! Go on an exciting adventure with pirates, ships and treasure maps. While coloring you can create your own story of traveling the seas. Which island will be the next one?

Coloring pages of pirates: Ships, treasures, and more

The pirates? world is full of great things to color. One of these is the pirate ship. It is huge and has space for an entire crew. Symbols like skulls and swords are painted on the ship. Often the color black has been used. Also, there is a crew. Pirates have often a wooden leg or just a hook as hand. An eye patch is obligatory for a perfect printable pirate coloring page. Their goal is to plunder other ships and tot try to survive and become wealthy. What will your story sound like? Grab one or more of our pirates coloring pages and get started!