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Elephant Mandalas

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Premium Elephant
Elephant Mandala in Elephant Shape
Elephant Mandala for Kids
Elephant Mandala With Leaves
Abstract Elephant Mandala
Elephant Landscape Mandala

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Elephant mandala coloring pages are very popular. Elephants are mighty animals. However, they are very peaceful. In huge packs, they walk calmly through nature. Additionally, elephants have the ability to recognize people even after decades. Humans could learn a lot from these majestic creatures. While coloring our mandala coloring pages you will train your own elephant personality traits: Calmness, friendliness, and satisfaction. Especially kids love our elephant mandalas.

Try also unconvenient colors!

An elephant hasn?t to be alway grey or grey-brown. Instead, try to unfold your creativity. Go new paths and use inconvenient colors. What do you think about a variety of red colors? Red has a symbolic meaning for love and heartiness. Or what about the number 1 color in nature: green? By now, you should have realized that there are no boundaries. Mandalas help you to develop a feeling for different color effects. Don?t overthink too much. Be creative!