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Mystical adventures with dragon coloring pages

Of course, also dragon coloring pages are a must-have! Dragons are the most dangerous creatures, which appear in the Middle Age and their fairy tales. On the one hand, there is the legend that says that dragons live in huge abandoned towers. On the other hand in some fairy tales they also appear in free nature. Especially in rocky landscapes, they are at home. They are a mix between dinosaur and bird. One of the mightiest skills is spitting fire. Fairy tales say that entire villages were destroyed by this creature. But there is also a good side. There are also good dragons that care about peace and justice. Our dragons coloring pages show both sides: Do you choose the evil or the good side?

The ultimate reason for dragon coloring pages

There are many good reasons for choosing a dragon coloring page. Especially fairy tale enthusiasts like these creatures. But there is another big reason: Freedom in coloring. Dragons can have different colors. And different colors also have different symbolic meanings. Which colors do you choose for your dragon? On the one hand, you could use red colors for fire and danger. On the other hand, you can define the creature newly. What do you think about a water spitting dragon extinguishing the fire of the bad dragons? Then blue colors would be a perfect choice. Choose your favorite dragon coloring page and get started!